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David Law is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, educator and author.

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Who is David Law?


Through years of international business David has allowed his extensive experience and passion doing business and investing in property.

From a young age David has had determination to achieve something great. This, alongside a passion and commitment to help those around him, has given David the resources to own multiple businesses and properties that has allowed David to grow from a career as a dishwasher to financially free property investor within 1 year. 

Just a few years ago, David is being stuck in the plastic recycling business. There are good times but also bad times. It is just not so stable.  When I start buying some properties. I have found out that the best thing in creating passive income is property investing. 

Today David is holding motivational seminars, using his own experiences to educate other like-minded individuals the value of time and money freedom.


Helping others has always been David's greatest motivation, whilst not everyone is born with the right resources, with the correct guidance anybody can achieve success.

What They Say About David



I had the opportunity to work with David and I was impressed by his in-depth real estate knowledge, experience and dedication to grow and help others around him grow as well. 



The cooperation feels great. Where David is always ready to help out, provides new insights and methods to us and is very easy to work with. 


SCRUM Master

I am very happy with his services as it generates a passive income. The ROI is higher then what I have expected!

Everyone has something to offer and can bring value to anyone

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